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May 29

Angel tattoos – Why men prefer dark angels

Human beings have a true fascination toward the idea of divinity; they try to connect with it at some point in their lives and they find their own way to achieve this. Whether they have strong religious beliefs or not, many tattoo enthusiasts seem to have a particular preference for angel tattoos which are increasingly popular in tattooing industry. Angels are associated with ultimate beauty, power and grace and they are depicted in many poses which influences the overall meaning of the drawing. Angel tattoo designs are highly symbolic and allows us to have our own interpretations according to our spiritual wealth.

The interesting thing is that angel tattoos demote different meanings for men and women. Most women interpret angel tattoo designs as symbols of spiritual beauty, purity, love and protection. When it comes to men, you can often see angel tattoos that depict angels in the form of evil. They perceive these anthropomorphic creatures as an embodiment of strength, rebellion and the eternal fight between good and evil. Angels are symbols of bravery and courage, creatures with a thorough understanding of the world and all the things that transcend it. There are endless choices when it comes to angel tattoo designs and you can influence their meanings through the poses in which angles are depicted and all the elements they use. The versions of so-called good angels are very popular in the selection of angel tattoos and they are utilized to remember a variety of positive feelings,  beliefs or aspirations.

On the other hand, many angel tattoo designs place in the spotlight the fallen angels which are the most controversial. These angels are supposed to have fallen from heaven or exiled and the most famous figure is Lucifer. Yet, these angel tattoos should not be confused with devil tattoos which are also very common and depict devils that take many forms, including snakes, vampires or evil animals. However, angels are familiar religious symbols and our imagination allows us to depict them in different forms. It is still interesting that so many people prefer bad angels or demons as a form of self-expression. The angel of death, the angel of a magical realm, the angel of war and many other angels inclined to the bad side are some of the most eloquent examples. These types of angel tattoos are the result of the individual perception about angels and they also encompass a series of elements such as tridents, swords, and other materials related with war and killing.

Angel tattoo designs make a great choice for a spectacular tattoo. If you are looking for something original, the concept of angel gives your the freedom to create a stunning image that is tailored to your beliefs, style and personality. It is essential to start by thinking to what kind of pose seems to be more suitable for you. Do you believe more in the force of good or the power of evil? If the idea of spiritual beauty, love, God, protection and  hope are important to you, then angel tattoo designs that reveal good angles work just perfect for you. But if you consider yourself a rebellious person that beliefs in the strength of the dark side of a human being, you should express your beliefs through  angel tattoos with darker elements. Selecting carefully your tattoo is essential; keep in mind that this is a personal matter and you are the only person who must like the tattoo and feel happy with it.


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