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Mar 12

Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

Having a pet can be a very rewarding experience. Pets, most of them at least, give you unconditional love. Furthermore, they always put a smile on your face when you come home. However, not everybody can handle any pet. Since cats and dogs are the most popular pets, we thought we would give you a few tips which could help you determine whether you are a cat person or a dog person. Given the fact that having a pet is a huge responsibility, it is essential to know these things before committing to taking care of another creature for the rest of their life.

Characteristics of cats and their needs

Having a cat can be very therapeutic as cats have a sort of super power. Their purring is one of the most relaxing sounds in the world and some people even say that cats can take away bad energies and can even alleviate pain by simply purring while staying on the affected area. However, you need to understand that it is not very common for cats to sit as you wish. It is a lot harder to develop a relationship with a cat than with a dog. For starters, when it comes to training a cat you will notice that they are unwilling to act as you wish unless there’s something in it for them. Some people say that this is because cats are selfish but that is far from being true. What cats are is curious. Therefore, when training a cat, you will get the best results if your training methods stimulate their curiosity. Another thing that you must consider before training a cat is that they scratch things, couches in particular. However if you buy at least one scratching post, you won’t have this problem. Cats need to sharpen their claws. They can do this on your couch or on their scratching post. The more interesting the cat scratching post is, the less likely it is for the cat to do any damage around your house. You can find more information on a wider variety of cat scratching posts here: Furthermore, while cats are perfectly fine staying alone at home, you need to understand that they are natural predators. If you wish to avoid damages in your house, you will need to satisfy your cats predator instinct by playing with it at least 30 minutes each day.

Characteristics of dogs and their needs

Dogs are a lot easier to understand than cats and a lot easier to train since they have a natural desire of pleasing their masters. The most important thing that you must understand about dogs is that they have certain defining traits which are specific to each breed. Some breeds are more lazy while others are very energetic and need to engage in intense physical activities each day. Some are suited for apartment life while others are better off playing in a yard all day. Furthermore, it is important to understand that dogs are a lot noisier and more disturbing than cats. If you don’t get along very well with your neighbors, you should anticipate that they will be bothered by your dog’s barking. However, you can always consider a bark collar that will train your dog to be more quiet. Nevertheless, in order to be completely sure that your dog won’t create any disturbances for your neighbors and that the barking collar will be truly efficient, you should consider a dog breed that is less noisy. Yes, believe it or not, not all dogs like to bark at every moving thing that they see on the road.


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