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Jul 1

Buying a family van

When my wife and I started our family, we never thought things could be this hard. The mortgage really put a heavy burden on our shoulders and when the kids came, things got worse and worse. I took out a couple of credit lines to handle the monthly expenses, but when my wife lost her job, I wasn’t able to cover the payments anymore. I wanted to take out a second mortgage on the house to try and bring us back on a floating line, but I was already registered with a bad credit history, because of the failure to pay the credit lines, so all banks turned me down. In addition, our car broke down a couple of months ago and I had to come up with a solution to buy a family van. I started looking for online loans for bad credit, as some of my colleagues had told me that there are plenty of lending companies that deal with people with a low credit score, and I wanted to see what that’s all about.

Indeed, I found plenty of information on the web about loans for people with a bad credit record and the alternatives available, as well as numerous companies that offered such loans. I was a bit overwhelmed at first with the sheer number of firms providing online loans for bad credit, but then I figured I should look for one that offered exactly what I needed: a car loan. I narrowed my search to bad credit vehicle loans and I eventually pinned down a couple of alternatives, which I then contacted to get more info. The fact that all of these companies were online and I could contact them quickly over the web helped me a lot, as I got to save plenty of time and the process went smoothly as well. In just a few days I already had my final selection and I even applied for the loan online. My application was also processed very quickly and I got a positive response within a week. I couldn’t believe it was that easy.


I bought the van I wanted for the family and that was a real turning point in our financial status. I thought the online loans for bad credit were such a good idea that I even applied for another one, a personal loan, and used the money to settle all my other debts. I used the same lending company and they were able to merge my loans, so now I only have one monthly payment to cover, except for the mortgage of course. Anyway, the situation looks much brighter, as my wife found another job, so basically all we needed was a little help at that crucial moment. I am very happy I found a lending company that works with people who have bad credit history and also very satisfied with how things turned out.



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