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Aug 5

Casual outfit combinations for your everyday looks

With so many trends coming and going, men are often confused, not knowing which clothing items need to be worn on a daily basis, and which are for more special occasions. If you are lacking inspiration, and are not sure what type of outfit you should wear, then some fashion advice might help you out. With a few items, combined perfectly, you will manage to pull out some street fashion looks that will be nothing less than impressive. Here are some casual outfit combinations you can wear on a daily basis, regardless if you are going grocery shopping or at the cinema with your pals.

Indigo skinny jeans and polo shirt

If regular tees or baggy jeans are not really your thing, then opt for a polo shirt instead, and pull the outfit together with a pair of indigo skinny jeans. This is a classic look that will never go out of style and that is perfectly suitable for an everyday outfit. Complete the street wear look by adding a pair of sneakers in a neutral tone, preferably white. Do not forget to accessorize the outfit with a pair of sunglasses and a belt. Without any effort, and just some basic clothing items, you can manage to create a look that respects the trends and allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day.

White denim biker jeans & a purple tee

During those hot days of summer, you should avoid wearing black or other dark colors, instead choose a bright look by combining a pair of white denim jeans and a colorful tee. The contrast created will give your look that wow effect and with the right pair of sneakers, you will certainly seem like a fashion guru. Do not be afraid to combine bright colors together, such as yellow and purple, or red and green, because this year you no longer need to follow any color combination rules.

Vintage camo shorts and black asymmetrical tank top

If you do want to step out of your comfort zone, at least a bit, try wearing a more unconventional outfit. Camo shorts are extremely fashionable lately, and can be easily included in your street style looks. Buy a pair of vintage camo shorts and wear them with an asymmetrical tank top, preferably oversized. Put on your favorite pair of black sneakers, and you have managed to create the perfect outfit combo. Do not forget your shades and you can also add a backpack for a more trendy effect.

When it comes to men’s fashion, you do not need to have a wardrobe filled with designer clothing items or dozens of shoes; you just need a few tees, perhaps a hoodie, some jeans, and fashionable sneakers. If you have the fashion creativity necessary, you can combine your clothing items perfectly and create that trendy street style looks you desire. Make sure you have all the wardrobe essentials at your disposal, and if not, do a bit of online shopping and get this year’s must haves.


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