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May 31

Celtic symbols – Outstanding ankle tattoos

With the internet expansion and the advent of dedicated websites, you have easy access to an endless selection of ankle tattoo designs. It is quite difficult to choose original ankle tattoos given that this is one of the most suitable areas to wear a tattoo, especially for a woman. Since a tattoo is a permanent mark there should be no room for regret when you get a particular design. This requires a lot of thought and consideration for you have to be happy with your decision for the rest of your life. If you are looking for ankle tattoos that are both eye-catching and meaningful, you should take a look at the variety of Celtic symbols.

Celtic people have an impressive history and they are worldwide known due to their their great skills in the art of jewelry-making, metals, and even weapon-making. They were exceptional warriors as well as people with formidable faith and a special attention to things that transcend the material world. Their symbols and beliefs have been passed around generation after generation and tattooing has become one of the most reliable ways to keep the Celtic culture alive. The interesting thing is that the ankle tattoo designs that depict Celtic symbols are not necessarily very popular. This is due to the fact that the ankle is a small area and it doesn’t allow a great flexibility in terms of designs. Yet, if you are interested in these kinds of ankle tattoos, you could consider Celtic rosaries and bracelets, Celtic butterflies or other smaller and less intricate symbols.

The greatest thing about these ankle tattoo designs is that they are made of interlinking knots which create a genuine work of art. Most of the time they are used to express the religious beliefs but they also make a very powerful personal statement due to the variety of meanings behind the drawings. Small crosses work great as ankle tattoos but you must consider a very simple design and you should know that it is rather a pagan than a religious symbol. It is a symbol of life and death, the Trinity or the four powerful elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The knotwork inside the cross is extremely complicated but you could select a simple design like single looped knots, however, it is worthwhile considering Celtic crosses as ankle tattoos given their rich history and symbolism. In addition, you should know that Celtic tattoos require a skilled tattoo artist who can execute the work perfectly and has experience in these particular designs.

Rosaries that wrap your ankle with tiny crosses hanging on the feet also make outstanding ankle tattoos. Furthermore, ankle tattoo designs that depict butterflies are very popular among women. They are sexy, sensuous,  stylish and even versatile. There are numerous ways in which a Celtic butterfly can be enhanced and styled. Most women choose them as ankle tattoos for they present the continuity of the life cycle as well as resurrection or life after death. Metamorphosis and beautiful transformation or change or dead souls waiting to enter the purgatory are popular meanings associated with Celtic butterflies. If you are looking for ankle tattoo designs that are both meaningful and stylish, the Celtic symbols is the best option your have.


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