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Sep 25

Choosing the best faux finish for every room

Faux finish techniques are largely used in the field of home decor, these paintings representing a decorative technique that replicates the appearance of different materials, including stone, marble or wood. There are many types of faux finishes, which makes them a great choice for any house, because their versatility means that they can be used in any room and with several decors. To that extent, whether your house is designed and decorated in a contemporary style or it depicts a traditional, classic home, faux finishes can still work and add charm and originality to it. If you want to make sure that you find the best technique and style for every single room, including bathrooms and kitchens, then the best thing you can do is hire a Naples faux finish artist and work closely with him or her to choose the best suitable option.

When it comes to decorative painting and design, new products and trends appear constantly, so working with a professional and talented artist can get you a long way. A very popular Naples faux finish is the Venetian plaster, which is smooth and provides a shiny design. Although it appears to be textured, this type of finish is soft at touch, being manufactured from ground up limestone and marble dust. Venetian plaster is known as the green finish and it is mainly used for bathrooms and kitchens, because it breathes. Consequently, even if the room gets hot or damp, as it so often happens in kitchens and bathrooms, your walls will not allow the appearance of mold or mustiness, or any other type of decay. As opposed to wallpaper, which causes damage to the underlying wall when removed, faux finishes allow you to paint over them easily, when you get tired of them or want to redecorate. For the kitchen, you can also use metallic finishes or even marbleizing, this technique being suitable for furniture as well as for walls. Marbleizing can be achieved through both glazing and plastering techniques and it can really give a rich finish to your kitchen.


Graining, or faux bois as it is known, is a faux finish technique that imitates wood, especially exotic wood or varieties that are hard to find. This type of finish is suitable for hallway doors or garage doors, foyers and furniture and it will provide your home with a more luxurious feel. Murals and trompe l’oeil finishes are the best choice for living rooms, bedrooms and children rooms, creating impressive architectural details and adding depth and 3 dimensional impressions to the rooms. Be sure to hire an experienced and talented Naples faux finish artist in order for the murals and the paintings to give the desired results and look as they should. Murals are also a good solution for your ceilings, especially hallway or entryway ceilings, but also for bedrooms and kids’ rooms. However, metallic finish ceilings also look amazing, in bathrooms, kitchens and even dining rooms.


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