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Jan 27

Choosing the perfect couch: leather or fabric upholstery

Furnishing your house is probably the most difficult thing you will have to do, once you purchase it. There are so many decisions to make and with the wide array of options available at the moment, choosing something will definitely be quite complicated. However, the first thing you have to do is pick the largest pieces of furniture. For the living room, start by choosing the perfect couch and then go on with the other items. The sofa has to be beautiful, durable and stylish, which is why the task may not be as simple as it seems at first glance. Fortunately, there are plenty of dedicated stores, such as Furniture Express, providing a large selection of product. Besides the dimensions and style, what you will have to decide upon the material. A lot of people are torn between leather and fabric and for good reason, since both alternatives have their pros and cons. If you are also dealing with this problem, read on to discover relevant details that may help you choose.

Is fabric upholstery a reliable option?

Fabric upholstery is definitely the most versatile solution. If you are into the contemporary style and you want to bring a bit of colour to your living room, then you are probably looking for a sofa covered in fabric upholstery. There are plenty of patterns, textures, materials and models available, but pay a lot of attention. A lot of people consider these are not resistant enough, especially for families with kids and pets, and to some extent this is true. Smooth silks or linen are easy to damage, which is why you will have to go for more durable textures, so that you can enjoy the sofa as much as possible. Besides versatility, another great advantage fabric upholstery sofas have over leather sofas is the price. They are undoubtedly more affordable, which means that if you have budget limitations, this option is the best for you.


Why is leather furniture so controversial?

A lot of people believe that leather furniture is difficult to maintain, clean and match, not to mention it is expensive. Well, contrary to popular belief, those who own this type of pieces claim they are quite satisfied with their objects. To begin with, a leather sofa is a timeless piece that can fit in any living room, regardless its style and architecture. If you choose the right shade, design and accessories, the couch will definitely be the focal point of any type of space. In addition to this, leather sofas are very easy to keep clean: all you have to do is rinse them with a cloth moist just in water and any stain will go away immediately. Furthermore, since leather is a natural material, it keeps its patina and shine longer, without requiring the use of additional products. However, in case you have small kids or pets such as dogs and cats, which may scratch or damage the sofa, the best thing you could do is purchase a special substance – it will simply add a protective coat over the surface of the sofa, thus preventing scratches.


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