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Aug 21

Consider becoming a one car family

The last thing that family members want is to share a car. There is no flexibility, meaning that if someone needs to go downtown, there’s no vehicle available. It’s not thus surprising that families aren’t eager to share a car. Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider that having separate cars is challenging? You and your spouse have to pay for insurance, gas, and maintenance. Simply put, there are more costs. Transportation is a great cost and you and your loved one should do everything in your power to reduce it. You don’t need two cars.

Reasons why you should become a one car family

Just like countless of families across America, you and your spouse have different cars. While you’re driving a Honda Accord, your significant other own a Volvo XC90. Don’t you think that it’s a good idea to sell your ride and keep the Volvo XC90?  Edmunds says the Volvo XC90  performs different from other brands and this should be guarantee enough. There are many benefits to being a one car family, like:

  • Build a financially healthy life. Keeping your financial life stable isn’t impossible when you have only one automobile. Since you aren’t paying anymore for things like oil checks or mechanical work, you and your spouse will have more money in your pockets. Instead of controlling spending, eliminate spending.
  • Going green. You have a responsibility towards the environment. Two four-wheels produce the double amount of poisonous emissions. One car will cause less pollution to your lives.  
  • More family time. You and your spouse are so busy that you rarely see each other. If you get rid of one of the rides, you’ll have plenty of time to talk.

How to become a one car family

The first step towards becoming a one car family is selling one of the vehicles. Selling the Volvo XC90 isn’t an option, so you’ll have to say good bye to your beloved ride. To get as much money as possible for the automobile, polish the exterior a little bit. Also, list your car for sale in online classifieds or on specialized websites. With time, you’ll see that selling the car was the smart thing to do. The next step is finding alternative transportation. You can take your bike to work and you can equally register with a carpooling website. These kinds of sites help you people looking to share rides.


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