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Dec 17

Create Christmas decorations using ribbon

Regardless the age, everybody gets excited for Christmas. The fever gets to all of us, and as soon as December arrives, we can only think about those joyful times spend at home, with our dear ones. The market is annually invaded by Christmas decorations which are bought each year in huge amounts, because the sellers speculate the season. Everybody wants to have the most original decorations in their house, and an alternative for this would be to try some DIY ornaments. So instead of buying expensive adornments, if you have a little imagination, creativity, ideas and raw material, the job is half done. Ribbon, for example, is an inexpensive material that you can use in order to create the most simple and beautiful decorations. The Colour Ribbons Christmas collection has plenty of textures, colours, types and dimensions from which you can choose exactly the alternative most suitable for you, your family and your house.

You may wonder how and where you can use ribbon in your house, but the answer is simple: everywhere. To begin with, you can use it to decorate the Christmas tree. This is probably the central element in each house during the holidays, which is why decorating it requires special attention. There are plenty of techniques of adorning the tree with ribbon: you can use it instead of tinsel (as a cascade, combined with fringes, or arranged in a criss-cross style – an elegant and practical method: you will not need any other ornaments, because it will make the tree look densely decorated), make small bows matched to the rest of the decor, or create a huge and spectacular bow, with which you can replace the traditional star – thinking out of the box is most of the times the key to success in any situation. Make sure you decide upon a colour theme and texture, and avoid putting too many ornaments, unless you want the tree to look stuffed and kitschy. In addition to this, you can use ribbon almost in any other place of your house: adorn the staircase by wrapping ribbon and hanging different objects such as stockings, bells or small figurines, or make a wreath and place it on the front door, so that everybody finds out how much you enjoy the season.


Moreover, the table sitting and chairs for the Christmas dinner can be decorated with ribbon, for a classy and joyful look. Christmas is also the season for giving and receiving, so the gifts play an important role. Presents are everywhere, and everybody is concerned about packing them, but here is a small tip that will help you obtain an amazing and elegant result: choose dark (or neutral coloured) paper and combine it with bright, golden or silver ribbon. Use these simple recommendations, you will manage to create an amazing holiday decor for your house, and also pride yourself with being the one who created it. The offer on the market is so various, that it will be almost impossible not to find something to meet your expectations and also your budget.


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