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Jun 2

Engage your children in the relocation process


For most people, relocation is the symbol of a new life, a fresh start. This change may be taken lightly if you are an adult, because it is most probably not the first time you change your home, but think about how weird this may be for your kids. For them, the whole process may be challenging and exciting, but this depends on how you present them the situation. Sometimes, kids may have a hard time during the transition, but you can avoid this by showing them all the benefits of your move, engaging them in the process and also allowing them to have a say about the new house. You may not even imagine how important the perspectives you present them are. Remember that you play an important role in the manner in which they see the world, which is why you have to make sure you put everything in a positive light.


Allow them to have a role in planning

If you are considering relocating in the following period, make sure you let your kids know before you buy the new house. You can start by asking them how they would like living in a larger house, or explaining them the reasons for which you are thinking about moving out. This will give them time to get used to the change and also feel relevant, which will make everything easier for them. Take them with you when you visit properties and allow them to have a say as far as the decision making process is concerned.  Empower them to speak their mind, because the feeling of powerlessness is one of the main reasons causing anxiety in children, especially during major changes.

Let them help you

Try not to send them away when you pack or remove the furniture, even if you could use some peace and quiet. Instead of this, you could make a plan which will also include them. Even if you collaborate with a Berkshire removals company and there will not be much to do, save some items and let them pack these. You should trust them with this, and consider that they are able to perform this simple task. In addition to his, in order to empower them even more and give them an independence feeling, make sure the things they pack are their personal staff – they can wrap their favourite toys, their books and clothes. This way, you will also ease your job and facilitate unpacking and arranging the new house.


Decorate the new house together

As soon as you reach the new location, make them feel like they belong and let them know that the place will be your home for the following years. Let them to unpack immediately, if they want, because familiar things will allow them to feel the change a bit less. Furthermore, if they have their own room, you should encourage them to decorate it however they like. In order to help them get used to the area, you could walk around the neighbourhood, explore local attractions and tell them interesting stories about the region.



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