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Sep 17

Families versus Family Physicians

Being a family physician is one of the most difficult and complicated jobs in the world; you might think that being a neurosurgeon is definitely more complex and you would be correct, but it is not the medical preparation and specialty that we want to discuss today. The main difference between a family physician and a different kind of doctor is that the first has a much larger number of patients to care for. The main job of this physician is to maintain an entire community healthy, something which is impossible, of course. But the Sisyphus-like work that they have to deal with can take its toll on even the best family physicians, and this is when mistakes often happen.

A regular physician will probably deal with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of cases each year; every patient will have a different complaint, and in treating them or sending them to specialists, the physician will have to take into account the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and other details as well. Just by considering these numbers, it becomes a bit more understandable why so many physicians get sued for medical negligence compensation. It is important to say, however, that out of all the thousands and thousands of claims, very few actually get to court and see a trial.

There are various reasons why not every patient claiming medical negligence compensation wins their case. One of the most important is that some claims are false, or are based on problems that weren’t so grave as to attract the court’s attention. Another reason is because not everyone knows how to prepare all the legal paperwork which is required, so their cases are dismissed immediately. You have to understand that the system is already spending a lot of time and a lot of money to deal with these cases, so it is natural only the most grave of them, and the best prepared of them actually get attention.

It is also important to see the physicians’ point of view; it is impossible not to make mistakes in your life, but for them the consequences are just graver. Nevertheless, there are things they too could do in order to avoid making any more mistakes, or at least to protect themselves from unfounded negligence claims. For example, keeping accurate notes of all the patients’ visits can provide essential information and defense in court, and even prove that the physician acted accordingly, or that their fault was much smaller. That being said, both sides have to take medical malpractice seriously and both have to do their best to prevent these things from happening.


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