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Jun 20

Five tips for the perfect workout


While some people choose to go to the gym for leisure, to relieve stress or live longer, most people are somehow obliged to do that because they are trying to lose weight. Nowadays, the benefits of physical activity are generally known and more and more individuals have started looking for a Roxburgh Park gym open 24/7, since their busy schedule does not allow them to attend the classes of a normal gym. Losing weight has ever been easy, because each person is different so diet and exercising may not bring the same results to everyone. The best thing you can do is get a personal trainer, because they will help you create a customized plan, but even if you do this, here are some tips you must know if you want to get rid of the extra pounds as soon as possible:

Combine strength exercises with cardio

The more you lift, the more weight you lose. On the one hand, strength training is recommended both for men and women, because it will help you burn calories while also working on your muscles, bones and physical endurance. On the other hand, cardio and even aerobics will help you shape your body in a pleasant manner, without becoming too muscular.

Work all the muscle groups

Most people make the huge mistake of focusing only on one part of their bodies, and most of the times that is the abdomen. Of course, some nice abs are everyone’s dream, but in order to lose weight you will have to alternate exercises and use your whole musculoskeletal system, because only “spot training” will never deliver the expected results.


Eat right

You always hear about “eating clean”, and this is exactly what you should do. Do not starve under any circumstances, because eating will help you have the energy you need to consume in the gym, while burning calories. Learn the foods you should and should not eat, because this will streamline your training plan a lot.


Find a balance between your body, mind and spirit

In order to do so, you should start attending pilates or yoga classes. These will not only help you burn some calories, but will also represent a refreshment for your mind. Take time to combine strength, balance and development in a harmonious manner, while gaining flexibility – this will also prove very useful the moment you hit the gym.


Stay motivated until you reach your goal

People are different, which means that for you, results may not appear in the first weeks, but this should not demotivate you. Consistency and determination are the key, so no matter what, you should stick to your plan and keep in mind the final goal.



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