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Feb 1

Four questions to ask yourself before installing a fireplace

Many people who want to improve the value of their houses resort to installing a fireplace. You can choose from a great variety of materials, sizes and models the one that best fits your needs and budget. All you have to do is some quick research on the Internet in order to find a professional company to provide you these services and a good place to start might be websites such as Ask for other people’s opinions or read reviews of some of those companies to help you determine which one has received positive feedback from previous clients.

Is it possible?

Many people wonder whether it is possible to install a fireplace even in a small house or an apartment. Truth is, with all the technological advances nowadays and with the great variety of options available on the market, installing a fireplace does not seem such an impossible and expensive thing as it seemed in the past. However, you need to take into account certain building codes when installing a fireplace in order not to affect the stability of that building.

Where to place it?

Most people choose to place the fireplace in the living room, because it adds a specific touch and creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. However, in case you want to enjoy it more or even benefit from the heat generated by these fireplaces, you might consider placing it in your bedroom or guest room. It is worth mentioning that many people also choose to place it in their outdoor kitchen in order to create a pleasant space. However, in the case of an outside unit, the heating efficiency might not be as one would expect, because most people place these units outside for ambience only.

Is it energy-efficient?

In order to benefit from its heating, you need to choose a sealed fireplace. Traditional fireplaces that are based on wood-burning lose most of their heat up the chimney, but choosing a sealed unit might save you from this problem. These ones have the controls, mechanics and venting systems that are meant to use outdoor air for combustion, and not the indoor air. Besides, they are designed to reduce thermal loss too.

Can it replace the entire heating system?

In case you opt for a fireplace that has the right size and place it properly, you can consider replacing the entire heating system with it. However, you need to resort to professional advice to make sure you make the right decision.



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