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Aug 20

Frequently overlooked garage dangers

This may come as a surprise, but garages can become a threat to yourself and your family, especially when you store there all the unwanted things from around the house, such as toys and old furniture. However, the issue is not necessarily that objects are lying around the room, but that they are inappropriately stored. This means that the versatility of the storage space can turn into a potential risk if you do not use metal garage shelves to keep your things in place and out of reach. This is why it is important to take some time to rearrange items in the garage and avoid the following dangers.

The permanent clutter

The average garage is filled with all sorts of things such as tools, furniture and holiday decorations. Given the fact that children love to play with practically anything, they are frequently in danger of hurting themselves because these objects in the garage can be sharp and heavy. Children are not the only ones at risk; even an adult can trip or slip because of the items left on the floor. Chemical substances such pesticides, antifreeze and paint are also dangerous, because they can cause burns, poisoning and respiratory problems. What needs to be done is to carefully seal and deposit them on shelves so that children can’t reach them.


Many chemicals, such as fertilizer and paint, pose a fire hazard. The fires can start from the garage and rapidly spread to the rest of the house, which is why it is important to always keep a fire extinguisher at hand and install smoke detectors. Even better, you can reduce risks by storing flammable chemicals in adequate containers. You can place these containers on metal shelves and rest assured that they will not ignite from the smallest spark.

Ladders and stairs

Besides the fact that they can fall on you and cause injuries, ladders can also fall on the car if they are not deposited accordingly. Equally important is the fact that children frequently attempt to play with them. This is why they should be hanged with the help of secure hooks and the same goes for other equipment like rakes. Attention should be paid to the stairs as well because there is the risk of slipping and falling.

Inadequate shelves

In theory, it is easy to understand why a reliable shelving system is valuable for organising space. However, few people know how to choose their shelves. The important factor to consider is the durability of the material from which they are made. For example, metal racks can be used with confidence for depositing industrial machines. Wood racks have a beautiful rural design, but they do not support heavy weights and are prone to cracking and bending. Metal racks provide just the required level of resistance and safety necessary to prevent accidents.


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