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Nov 2

Help Your Aging Parents Gain Back Control of Their Home With Stair Lifts for the Elderly

As time goes by and people age, handling life and performing normal activities can become complicated. Old people have a hard time walking long distances, taking a bath or climbing the stairs, due to poor mobility and joint pain. The stair lifts for the elderly bring a drop of relief to those who can hardly walk or go up and down the stairs.

The efficiency of stair lifts

The stair lift is a mechanical device with a chair or a lifting platform that you attach to the stair rail. This device lifts people up and down the stairs and is of great help for old people who have problems climbing stairs. The best stair lifts can have many features such as adjustable seat height, call stations, folding step, speed adjustment, seat belt, soft start and soft stop. This device is very efficient both for old people with slight movement problems, and for people in wheel chairs, giving them the chance to move without feeling helpless. The stair lifts for the elderly improve the quality of life, as well as the lifespan of people with mobility problems.

The benefits of stair lifts

Perhaps the most important advantage of the stair lift is that it is much safer than climbing the stairs. Old people are more likely to fall and injure themselves, because of their poor mobility and reflexes, especially if we are talking about people who suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis. The best stair lifts for the elderly reduce the amount of walking and the effort required by climbing the stairs, therefore the risk of accidents is seriously decreased.

Another benefit for the old people who use the stair lift is the boost of confidence. If the old person lives alone, spends much time alone in his house or he is stuck in a wheel chair, going from one floor to another is very difficult. To avoid having to build an additional bedroom on the first floor, or constraining your aging parent to stay on just one floor, and limiting his options, you can install a stair lift to help him move from one floor to another. This way, your senior won’t feel trapped in their own house and will be able to circulate on their own, from one floor to another.

Giving your aging parent the opportunity to move on their own, making them feel independent and useful, offers them self-confidence, lust for life and the desire to keep performing activities that make them feel good.


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