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Jan 23

Here is what you should do before hiring a wedding photographer

Competition in the wedding photography industry is quite high, since there are numerous people claiming to be photographers, when in fact some of them do not even know what features their camera provides. If you want to keep your memories from your wedding day alive and to benefit from amazing shots, it is mandatory that you look for professional wedding photography Melbourne services and here are some of the things you should do before actually resorting to and hiring a specific photographer.

Do your homework way before the wedding day

It is recommended you start searching for the best photographer about one year before the wedding date, since as it was already mentioned above, competition is high in this domain and the best photographers have their schedules already established for the following couple of months or more. You can ask recently married couples you know to give you some recommendations or you can browse the Internet yourself and look for the most appreciated photographers in your region.

Compare the offers

It is best if you make a list of the photography experts you have found and write their names down along with some important details about their services such as the price they ask, the hours of shooting included in the offer and if there are any additional fees. Compare the packages and make the right choice that matches your needs, interests and budget.

Check other references as well

Besides asking your friends and relatives for wedding photographer recommendations, you should also check other online references before you select a specific one. There are countless online reviews that provide useful information on this subject and that can help you make a clearer idea upon a specific photographer. However, once you have decided on a photographer that you want to hire, it is advisable that you ask them to speak with some of their previous clients to see whether or not the latter ones were pleased with the offered services.

Meet the photographer before the wedding

You have established who is going to be your wedding photographer. Well, the next step in this process is to set up a meeting with them so that you can discuss aspects about the contract and the shooting day. You should carefully read the contract before you sign it in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from occurring later on. Also, it is best that you establish together some of the details related to the wedding day, such as the shooting locations or the time you are supposed to arrive at a certain place.

Ask if there will be a pre-wedding shooting

In order to make the grooms get familiar with the camera and with the photographer himself or herself, some photographers suggest the happy couple to take a pre-wedding shooting. Besides the fact that it helps everyone getting to know each other better, it is like a rehearsal for the wedding day, not to mention that in most cases the pre-wedding shooting proves to be a lot of fun!


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