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Dec 15

How an athlete should prepare for comm games

Everyone has at least once heard about the Commonwealth Games, and they know that the athletes who are competing  have to take a hard training for being able to get the gold medal. Many people are interested in taking part to this event, because there are only few similar games in the world where compete athletes from different countries. The Commonwealth Games Federation approves a list with the sports approved for the event, and they make sure that they include both core and optional sports for offering athletes from different countries the possibility to take part to the competition. So if there is anyone interested in the list of sports approved for the comm games 2018, then it would soon be published for letting both spectators and athletes know in time what they should get ready for. However, the Commonwealth Games are about more than just sports, they are organised as a show, and it takes great effort to organising the opening and closing ceremonies. Moreover, as a simple spectator you might ask yourself how athletes get in shape for being able to get such amazing scores.

Months of pain are preceding the game

For being able to reach the best results at the Commonwealth Games, athletes are getting through months of mental and physical effort, because they have to slowly prepare their body and mind for the big competition. All of them are aware that a fraction of second would make the difference, and if they do not put their bodies through hell in the preparation months, they would not be able to come home as winners. In the majority of cases, the training regimes include at least two gym sessions, more than three track sessions and countless miles of running on the road daily. While at the gym, they condition their body for the games and they are following a strict programme of exercises.

Athletes need some time alone

For being able to win, the body and mind has to be in peak condition, so the athletes have to take great care of themselves. This means that sometimes they need a time of rest, and before the competition, they need to take a break from meeting their friends, coaches and other people. Sometimes it feels better to only rest and get your head sorted for getting ready for the difficult and stressful days of the competition.

Nutrition has a huge role

Neither body nor mind could properly function if the athletes would not have the right nutrition. The majority of athletes have a strict food regime, and according to the recommendations they get from the specialists they might fallow this regime 24/7, or only for a few days a week. It is important for the diet to be balanced, and to contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. Juices, sweets and snacks are not included in the diet. They have to be sure that their diet is rich in proteins and alcohol is strictly forbidden. Not a single glass of wine or beer is allowed when getting ready for the Commonwealth Games.


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