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Dec 3

How does a father keep a harmonious relationship with his child?

Today the mentality has changed and more and more fathers spend more time with their children, trying to establish an enviable relationship. Generally is speaking about the role of the mother in the family and in the relationship with children, though the role of the father is as important in shaping the future character of the child.

Certainly the closeness between a father and his child is truly unique and is different from the link established between the mother and child. The child needs a father to offer him the feeling of safety, of protection and peace as the mother is satisfying the need for tenderness and love. The relationship between father and child should not begin after birth on the contrary a perfect father will keep in touch with his child since he is still in the womb.

Children do not need only the figure of the father but also the figure of the grandparents. A child who is growing without a father is a child without a male model in life and he will always feel his father’s absence, he will attach to the mother and become very sensitive. The father-mother- grandparents relationships are the best cocktail recipes for child care, providing a safe environment in which the child can grow happy and healthy.

Every child, especially the boys will want to be like their own father when they grow, and the girls will look for their father’s features in their future life partner. Therefore the father should be aware that he represents a model for children and he should not provide them bad examples. Moreover, the father is a necessary ingredient in the best cocktail recipe of parenting for both girls and boys, because he contributes to the development of a mature identity.

Here are some simple family tips in which the father can spend time with his baby. If the baby is not eating at the breast, now is the ideal time to be presented to the father as the person who gives him food. The bath and massage that follows it are unique moments that can help the mutual knowing between the father and the child.

For the father to build a solid relationship with the child, the wife should retire allowing them to spend time in privacy. As the father spends more time with the child or the two do more things together, the relationship will take place faster and be more solid.


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