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Feb 26

How to Cope with Family Conflict

If you are a parent, you surely know that your children or teens need more than a house where to live and eat. They need a lot of attention and support and since you are the parent, you probably know that you have to be very caring and even sacrifice your own time for your kids or teens’ problems. A family is very important, not only because it offers a shelter, but also as it gives people inside the family the chance to build a strong bond between them. People have a lot of worries and problems which affect them from outside world, which is why families should be the main support and places where people should voice their sorrowful thoughts and worries.

Sadly, these days, many parents choose to enforce severe punishments on their children or teens who don’t want to obey their rules. The consequence is that their children come to hate them and have poor self-esteem. Moreover, most teenagers who were abused in childhood come to isolate from other people, experience drug and alcohol abuse and even teenage pregnancy. The conflicts within such dysfunctional families are quite frequent and teens treat their parents in a way to return their favor for beating them and bad parenting them, when they were little. So is you’re looking for advice on how to deal with various types of family conflict, you can also find solutions on specialized websites like or at least realize that most of our problems are things that we’re all confronted by at some point in life, and that everything can be resolved through communication, understanding and patience.

However, many contradictory discussions, inside the family, can be blamed on generation gap. Parents should know that the rules they want to establish and set within family should also consider the needs teens have. Teens need to have friends, go out and attend parties once in while. As a parent you should permit your teens to be independent and avoid treating them like they were still kids. Moreover, you should encourage them to visit museums and other related cultural institutions, but also go along with friends to stadiums, in order to watch sport games like soccer, tennis or basketball games. Doing so, you will become a friend and confident of your teens, which is the perfect way to avoid family conflict.

However, if there still are dissensions on various issues inside your family, you should make sure to always separate the problem from the person and listen to what your teens have to say, without interrupting them. You should adopt a calm attitude, while discussing with your teens, regardless of the issue and respecting your teens’ point of view. Your purpose should be resolving the conflict, not winning the argument. They might be right in what they want to transmit you, so it is recommended to learn how to be a good-listener and find points of common ground. Nonetheless, you need to know that communication is crucial when resolving conflicts inside the family.


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