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Nov 29

How to Cut Down on Alcohol Starting Right Now

While it’s true to say that there is a big difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction, a surprising proportion of adults in the United Kingdom do not realise they are drinking too much. These days, despite the fact that the vast majority of people are fully aware of official intake guidelines when it comes to alcohol, almost nobody takes them seriously. Instead, they throw caution to the wind and simply drink as much as they feel they can or want to.

But at the same time, it’s also surprising just how many adults admit they would really like to cut down how much alcohol they consume for a variety of reasons.  Some would simply like to spend the money on something else, some are aware of the fact that they could be taking better care of their bodies and then there are those that would like to be setting a better example for their children. In any and all cases however, it comes across as something that is easier said than done.

According to the experts at, success will always be determined by the way in which of the individual in question approaches the process. For example, simply promising yourself that you will never touch a drop of alcohol again and attempting to go ‘cold turkey’ is usually a guaranteed recipe for failure. By contrast, approach things with the following professional tips and guidelines in mind and there’s every chance you may find the process significantly easier than expected:

1.  Outline your reasons

First of all, you need to have a concrete list of reasons why it is you wish to cut down or quit drinking alcohol in the first place. The reason being that this will serve as your primary motivation. Cutting down just for the sake of it or because you think you’re supposed to will make it very difficult to stick to the plan. By contrast, if you are looking to quit for reasons like those listed above, you are working towards a positive and beneficial outcome. Think carefully about your reasons for quitting and keep reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

2.  Remove temptation

Trying to cut down or quit drinking alcohol entirely while you have a generous supply of the stuff on-hand at all times is borderline impossible. As such, one of the first and most important steps in the process when it comes to making a positive change is that of removing temptation as much as realistically possible.  This means doing something with a stash of alcohol you currently have at home, in order to make it impossible for you to simply reach out and grab a drink when your will is at its weakest. Likewise, it is also a good idea to keep yourself away from temptation in other places as much as possible, at least until you have begun making progress and are finding things a little easier.

3.  Know your triggers

Everybody has their own unique triggers when it comes to alcohol consumption – i.e. the kinds of things that really make you crave a drink. Obvious examples of common triggers involve going to the pub, attending concerts, watching sporting events with friends and so on. There’s only you and you alone who can work out what your specific triggers are, which is an important step on the journey toward avoiding them for the time being. The more you keep yourself away from your triggers, the less likely you are to succumb to temptation.

4. Stay busy

The single most dangerous thing in the world when it comes to avoiding this kind of temptation is boredom. The simple fact of the matter is that the more you have time on your hands with nothing to do, the more likely you are to reach for the bottle simply for the sake of doing something. As such, it is of absolutely critical importance to keep yourself as busy and entertained as possible at all times. Basically, think of anything you can be doing with family and friends (or even in your professional life) to ensure that you simply do not have the time to think about drinking and fall victim to temptation.

5. Partner up

Last but not least, cutting down or quitting alcohol is a process you are guaranteed to find exponentially easier if you go through it with at least one other person. Going it alone with these kinds of things can be extremely difficult. However, when there is at least one other individual going through exactly what you are going through, the strength and support you can take from one another really can make all the difference. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little healthy competition to things, either.



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