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Mar 3

How to engage your business partners

If you work in the business field, you know that partnerships are extremely important and you can barely manage to achieve something on your own. Even if you offer qualitative products and services, having your business supported by many pillars is better, so you should be aware of the importance of your partnerships. While the concept of customer service is vital to engage more and more clients, it is also required if you want to maintain a good and tight relationship with your partners, because this may be the detail which makes the difference between you and any other who has similar services on the market. If you want to attract new collaborators or just want to engage and keep the one you are already working with, there are some things you should know and do, like showing them consideration, respect and interest. You are not the only one investing in the business, so you have to keep this in mind and give your partner the best treatment, order to build mutual respect and involvement – some critical elements for any business partnership.

In case your collaboration is a remote one, because you live in once city and your partner in the other, building a relationship based on trust is highly important. For this reason, you have to meet your partners face to face: if you want to prove them you value and appreciate them, the best thing to do is invite them to visit your city and local business. Rent a corporate limousine in Toronto to wait for them at the airport, plan an itinerary and invite them to an official dinner or lunch, where they can also meet your local group of partners. Offer them the best treatment, even if you make a small investment in their visit, because this will make them understand you are an important person in your community and you truly value your partnership. In addition to this, you could also introduce them your family or present them the place where you live – this will make them also see you from a personal point of view, and start appreciating you as a human being, beyond the business you are sharing with each other.

There are so many details which can make the difference. For instance, you can send them greetings during holidays or even small presents – this way they will know you are considerate and polite. Furthermore, you should find some things about their personal lives, such as hobbies, favorite country or dish, family members and so on. Of course, do not let them the impression that you are a stalker and do not exaggerate, because you will creep them out. Do not bust into their personal life, just use the information to your benefit: organize random golf games, if you know they like this social sport, or take them to a special restaurant, which serves their favorite traditional food. Make sure all these are subtle details, which will surprise and convince them that you are a reputable and trustworthy business partner.


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