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Aug 25

How to get your children into recycling

Recycling is one of the modern eras’ biggest concerns. Almost any material can be recycled and repurposed either by specialized companies or by using then in DIY personal projects. Getting children involved in the whole recycling idea is not easy, because they need an easy to understand purpose for every action they do. However, children’s behavior can easily be molded by practice and a series of good reasons. You can start by explaining them copper recycling. Personal example is the best way to start, so taking them to recycling factory. Furthermore, below are a few tips and tricks to make sure your children will accommodate easily with recycling.

1. Craft recycling bins with them

By DIYing some bins yourself, you will teach your children from the start to repurpose old items. Maybe grab some big old paint bins, color them appropriate and stick pictures of what they will be used for (paper, plastic, metal and household waste). The next step is to practice. Give them various objects and teach them how to sort them. Be aware of dangerous, sharp objects. When the bins are full, take them to recycling factories and give away metal cans, for example. Many factories give money in exchange, therefore you can teach them the value of money and they will learn two lessons at once.

2. Take them into a public area and make them to tell you where garbage on the ground should be placed

Another good way to practice the whole process is to make them more aware of the effects of pollution and repeat what they previously learned. When you see garbage on the ground, point it to them and ask them where it should be put. Collect the garbage with them and put it in the right bins.  Explain to them the effects plastic and metal waste has on the environment as well as on the fauna.

3. Be creative

Recycling does not mean only to throw the right item in the right bin. An important part of it is repurposing or donating. When buying new furniture, be very specific what is going to happen with the old one. Ask them if they need all their toys. If the answer is negative, teach them there are children with no economical means to buy toys and maybe they could enjoy what your children might find boring. Teach them to reuse a car tire, maybe. There is a large number on craft ideas with tires on the web. You can design a coffee table or pots for your flowers and both ideas can be accomplished with the help of your children.

4. Create stories about recycling

Use your imagination in order to create bed-time stories with environmental topics. Maybe create an alternate version of a story they love, like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Price” novel.

There is no pre-fabricated solution in order to teach your children the importance of recycling. It all depends on their personality, however some of the ideas above are a good starting point.


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