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Jan 24

How to introduce your kids to the art of handmade

There are many ways in which one can relax, but one of the most popular methods is to engage in DIY activities. Whether it is about origami, handcrafted jewelleries or accessories made out of ribbons for instance, it is a way in which some people relieve stress and recharge their batteries. If you want to make your kids love handmade as much as you do, you should definitely consider ordering some ribbons from Colour Ribbons, one of the reliable providers in this industry.

Have them around you when you work

What better way to introduce your kids to some new activities other than showing it to them yourself? The moment you engage in a DIY activity that involves ribbons, ask them to be in the same room with you. This way, they can see exactly what you are doing and chances for them to want to take part in your activity are quite high this way, especially since it involves colourful ribbons.

Ask them to help you

Since they are in the same room as you, why not take advantage of this and ask them to give you a hand in this project? It is one of the best methods you can instil them the love for arts and crafts from a very early age. Regardless what you want to design using those ribbons, you can definitely find something that is appropriate for them to do and that does not involve using any sharp instrument or so.

Have them work on a project on their own

Once you have thought them the first steps into the world of arts and crafts, you can suggest them to start a project themselves. You can tell them to create something they can offer as a gift to a loved one, such as their grandparents for instance, since it is for sure that the latter ones will highly appreciate it. The easiest thing they can create out of a ribbon is a bow, this is for sure, but if they want something more complicated, a rose or an award ribbon for “the best grandparent” seem like some great gift ideas.

As you can see, these are some very good methods you can make your kids get into the world of handmade arts and have them fall in love with it. Make sure that the ribbons you select are of the highest quality in order to obtain some amazing results.


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