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Jun 2

How to make relocation a hassle free process for your family

Although relocation should be the symbol of a fresh start, if you have a large family, it can all transform into a burden which will definitely overshadow the enthusiasm of having a new house. Very often, furniture gets damaged, small objects get lost or you end up all stressed out about the whole removal thing. If you live in Reading, you could ask for help from one of the Reading removals companies, because this will ease your job a lot. However, a flawless organization seems to be the key to a successful relocation, and you are the only one who can make things easier for the whole family.


Choose the perfect timing

There are certain periods of the year when you should simply avoid relocating. For instance during the most important holidays, such as Christmas – everybody is running from one place to another, you have to prepare for the festive time, not to mention that the cold weather is not a good time for a general cleaning and for redecorating your new home. Another period you should avoid when it comes to removal is the beginning of the school year. Your children will already have to cope with the changes in their program, so they will be completely confused and overwhelmed if they will also have to change their home. The summer holiday, for instance, is the perfect moment if you want to move to a new house: the kids are already on vacation (they may even not be around during the whole process, which they may consider very tiring) and you can also take some off time from work, in order to take care of everything.


Pack and unpack wisely

This is a golden rule, especially if you have precious furniture and delicate decorations. You should know in advance the moment you have to leave your current house, so that you can start packing with some time before. Make sure that firstly you crate the items you use the least, because this way you will avoid realizing that you need a particular item just before you leave the house and having to start looking in all the boxes. Pay a lot of attention when you unpack everything: you may forget where you have hidden the fragile objects, drop them and break them.


Ask for professional help from a dedicated company

If you want everything to go smoothly, the best thing you could do is hire a dedicated removal company. There are plenty of these available on the market, so you are likely to find one in the area and its professional employees to take care of everything on your behalf. The experienced workers will know how to handle your staff in order to avoid accidents, not to mention that the company has different sized trucks, so that you will have all the furniture transported at once. Some companies may even offer to help you pack and unpack, and all these in exchange for a low price.



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