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Feb 13

How to pick a professional removal company

Moving to a new home is a considerable undertaking because you will need to safely relocate furniture, antiques and other precious belongings. Unless you have a minimalist lifestyle, you should pay a removal company to ship your goods to the place you are relocating to. Moving the contents of your home actually requires a lot of physical and mental organisation and can therefore be extremely exhausting, especially if you are on a deadline. When you have considerable amount of items to sift, your best choice is to hire a professional removal company like Removals North London. There are countless other removal firms in London, but not all of them are as reliable. So, before picking up the phone to make a call, you might want to take a closer look at this guide.

Look for a firm that is listed in the BAR

A good starting point for you is to choose a removal company that has committed to the BAR membership. BAR stands for British Association of Removers and work in order to promote excellency within the industry. If the company you are interested in is registered with this association, then you can be sure that it has high standards and that they can ensure you a smooth move. The minimum of high standards includes licensed vehicles, deposit protection and conciliation in the event that something goes wrong. The truth is that firms that do not invest in high standards will not invest in vehicles. A poorly maintained van is unsuitable for a move because it is road hazardous, not to mention that you goods will be damaged during the transit.

Get as many quotes as possible

Prior to the completion date you should get quotes from several professionals. Take into consideration not only the price, but also the service that you are offered. To make the trip easier and more convenient, many companies will gladly offer you packing service as well. Although you can obtain a quote online, it is better to get a detailed assessment directly from the company. This assessment will take into consideration the load size, the distance that is to be travelled, the type of furniture and the number of persons required for the job. However, you should not believe that all firms are money-grabbing organisations. Most of the time, they are not.

Do your inventory

In order to receive an exact quote from the moving company, you will have to provide as much information as possible. This means that you have to have an inventory about what it is you want to move and even though companies will come at your home in order to assess the size load, you can make an inventory yourself so as to make their job easier. The inventory should serve the following purposes: to give the removal company an idea about the size of items like pianos, to serve as proof in the case of an insurance claim and finally to help you unpack. To make the job easier, you should use a spreadsheet.

The bottom line is that this process will take some time, especially if you want to find a firm available date. Therefore, take enough time to choose a removal company and keep in mind that the vast majority of them are booked weeks in advance.


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