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Sep 25

How to prepare for your best friend’s wedding

Your best friend is going to get married and you are going to be the best man but you’re completely terrified of the idea? This mini-guide is here especially for this purpose – showing you how to prepare for the big event. If you want to be a perfect best man, there are certain things you will need to learn about accomplishing this mission. Here’s what you will need to do and what your duties are during the whole event:

Prepare your speech

Creating your speech can be considered one of the most overarching tasks you need to complete, but it shouldn’t be such a big challenge if you consider these few steps. All you have to do is take into account the special relationship you have with the bride and groom, talk a little about love and – why not – tell some best man jokes that will leave everyone with a smile on their faces. Make your speech short and concise. Even if you may have a thousand things to say to your friend, no one will have the patience to listen to endless stories about you two in high-school. The honorary best man speech can be a moment that everyone will remember, including the bride and the groom. Speak out of your heart and be honest and everything will go out exactly as you expect – special.  

Know your responsibilities

As a best man, you will need to help everyone with whatever they need, so learn to say “yes” a lot during the wedding. The groom will ask you to help him out with many different things and you won’t be able to ignore any of the requests. When guests are asking for your help, you need to intervene there too. Solving every problem encountered on the way is essential for a best man keeping in mind that you will have to make sure the groom feels as relaxed as possible and has no reason to worry about what’s going on around him. You shouldn’t do these things because you feel compelled to, but because you want him to be happy and to make the wedding work out perfectly from one end to another.  As a best man, you need to be careful not to exaggerate with alcoholic beverages or distractions that are around you. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have fun during the event, but try keeping your responsibilities straight.

Smile at all times

You should be excited about the whole event. You will surely enjoy the wedding considering that your best friend is marrying the woman he truly loves. Smiling at all times and wishing everyone to have a good time, communicating constantly and naturally showing your excitement will be something paramount. Try talking with every guest with a smile on your face and do your best to create the perfect ambiance for your mate’s wedding. And who knows – maybe after this big event you will think about the possibility of you getting married yourself!



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