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Oct 24

How to use a Christmas tree ribbon

Getting ready for Christmas is very exciting and it can also be a lot of fun. Whether you are a passionate DIY-er or you just want to have something amusing and enjoyable to do with your family, making the tree decorations yourself is certainly a good idea. If you go online and read some of the available guides or tips for making Christmas wrappings and decorations, everywhere you look you see ribbons and bows and how important it is to buy the right type and have them at hand. If you can’t for the life of you imagine what it is that you can do with Christmas tree ribbon except throw it over the branches like tinsel, then here are a couple of ideas for how to use it in a more elaborate way.

Wrap the tree

Instead of simply throwing it over and around its branches, you can use the Christmas tree ribbon to actually wrap the tree from top to bottom and create a vertical flowing effect which will make the tree look even taller than it is. The best type of ribbon you can use for this is wired, because it’s easier to mould and it will stay the way you mould it around the tree. Start at the top and wrap a little piece of ribbon around the top stem of the tree. Then, work the ribbon in and out of the tree for dimension, bring it down towards the bottom. Try to create small loops of ribbon by using branches close to each other. Do one side of the tree top to bottom and the other bottom to top, as to give the impression of flow.


Create ornaments


If you don’t have the budget for new tree ornaments ever year, then you can create new ones from your ribbons. You can make beautiful small and large ornaments using your ribbon, such as little bows to tie around the end of the twigs, big letters cut from ribbons that you can use on the exterior of the tree, different types of twirls and other such items, depending on what’s the theme of your tree. Again, you will need certain types of ribbon to be able to do all these, but there are so many online stores that sell Christmas tree ribbon that you’ll certainly have an easy time finding what you need.



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