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Oct 24

How to use ribbon when decorating a Christmas tree

The most important item in Christmas decorating is the Christmas tree, which has to fit you style and the style of you house. Do not forget that Santa Claus will leave the presents under it, and maybe the look of it will influence the old man to be generous this year. If last year you decorate it in a traditional way and the number of presents was really small, you have to plan a big hit for this year and surprise Santa. He may love white Christmas trees instead of green ones, or maybe personalized ones, so give up on decorating it with wreaths, garlands, balls and candles, and use Christmas tree ribbon instead.

Decorating a white Christmas tree

The white Christmas tree is perfect for a small room. Use a heavily flocked one to make a statement and to give a modern touch to the room. This choice is brilliant because a monochromatic tree will set the festive tone in your house. You can accentuate the purity of it with shimmery silvers, clear glass and white accessories. For a glamorous look add some nude and gold shades. You can use gold printed zebra ribbon or wired printed stars mixed with artificial white flowers and snowflakes. Place underneath wrapped boxes decorated with pine cones and printed swirl ribbon. A white Christmas tree becomes a statement when you decorate it with red ribbon and silver balls and beads.


Decorating a green Christmas tree

The classic green Christmas tree allows you to mix and match different shapes and accessories. You can decorate it in silver and red by mixing and matching beads, ribbons and cranberries. For a calming glow add vintage white bulbs. Make it perfect for your coast house by decorating it with aqua, turquoise and white shade ornaments. You can bring a holiday motif to the tree by adding conifers. Impress your guests by adding a wide burlap ribbon which cascades down the branches of your tree, and give it a golden glow by pairing antique ornaments with modern ones.


Depending on your home style choose between a green Christmas tree or a white one and decorate it using your imagination. Do not fear to make it look more personal, Santa will be pleased to see that you left your sensitive side to decorate the Christmas tree for you and the amount of presents will rise significantly this year.


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