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Jul 25

How to write a successful pet for sale ad

It is normal to get very attached to your pet, but if you cannot keep the poor soul anymore, you should at least make an effort to find him a caring home. The first step in the process of finding your pet a loving family is to let people know that your dog is for sale. How do you do that? Well, you can place a classified ad in the local newspaper or use a classified ads website. By posting on a classified ads you will be able to reach dozens of people with your description. However, you need to make your ad convincing, otherwise you will not get very much replies. In this article, we will try to help you write effective dogs classifieds.

Write a captivating title

People frequently rate the importance of a good title too low, which is a mistake. This textual element helps people decide whether or not to read your ad. You can be sure that a poorly written title will drive readers away. It is the first thing that readers encounter is the title and you need to make sure that yours is capable of drawing attention. Your heading should be short enough to be understandable, but also offer enough information. You should include facts about the animal that the readers would like to find out. Make sure you include enough information, but do not exaggerate. The key is to find the right balance. Pay attention to your grammar and words that may have negative connotations.

Write the ad from the animal’s perspective

Some people may not be inspired by pure facts, but by a good story. For this reason, you should write the story from the perspective of your dog. Include all the good information you can about the pet and do not overlook any faults. However, you should give the impression that your dog is a petzilla. Focus on positive aspects, including what coat the animal has, if the is housetrained or if he has the habit of chewing things. It is also important to include information like age, sex, temperament, and health. Basically, you will be telling people how lucky they are if they take him in. People looking for a new family member are interested in these things and they will certainly appreciate if you present them from the dog’s point of view.

Add a cute picture to the description

Buying a dog is very much similar to buying a car: people want to see what they are investing in. you do not need professional photos, but a good picture of the pet. You are more likely to receive offers for an ad with a picture than for one that has no picture at all. Some buyers do not even take the time to read your ad thoroughly. They look at the picture and decide on the spot to give you a call. In this case, the statement “A picture is worth a thousand words.” is true. The photo can convey information more effectively.


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