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Mar 14

Human vs synthetic hair wigs

Whether you want to wear a wig as a way of coping with hair loss or just to switch up your look, your choice is anything but limited. These days, you can find wigs in all sorts of styles, colours and sizes, so that you can express yourself and feel comfortable and confident. While looking at wigs online, it can be tempting to make your purchase based on looks and price and neglect one of the most important things: what is the wig made of? Human or synthetic hair? Although the differences might not be that obvious in pictures, it will be in real life, so you should compare the two options before you start looking at wig styles. Both synthetic and natural wigs have unique benefits, but, for best results, you should choose based on your specific requirements. How should the perfect wig look and feel like? These are the features you should analyse:



Look and feel

This is the first and most important factor. If you plan on wearing a wig for a long period of time, the way it feels to the touch and the way it looks up close matters more than the actual styling. If you want something natural, then human hair wigs are right for you. They are made from natural, human hair, so they don’t look artificial or awkward. Unless you tell people you are wearing a wig, they will not know. Human hair wigs also feel more natural to the touch, because they have the same texture that you’re used to. On the other hand, on synthetic hair wigs the strands are much thicker and stronger, so it doesn’t look as natural. Although synthetic wigs have come a long way, they still don’t compare to the real thing. The reflect and colour of human hair are very, very difficult to replicate, which is why people will be able to tell that you’re wearing a hairpiece.


Natural hair wigs can be styled just as your normal hair. You can blow dry them, straighten them, even curl them with a heat tool if you like. However, synthetic hairpieces cannot be styled because they will be damaged by heat. So, if you like changing your hairstyle often, invest in a natural wig. If you don’t mind having the same hairstyle every day, you can resort of a synthetic one.



When it comes to maintenance, synthetic wigs are more convenient because you don’t have to worry about conditioning them. Natural ones, however, require more attention – the same TLC that human hair does, actually. You have to shampoo, condition and dry them so that they stay soft and bouncy. Otherwise, the wig will become frizzy and coarse.



Price is a very subjective matter. The quality of the hairpiece is reflected in the cost, so don’t expect a cheap product to look natural and last for years, because it won’t. Natural hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic counterparts, but you get what you pay for. You can compromise and buy a cheap hairpiece if you’ll only be wearing it for fun, but if you need a wig for everyday use, it’s best to save some money and buy a natural, human hair one.




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