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Feb 23

Mix and match envelopes and cards for great invitations

From the oldest times, it is a custom to send invitations to guests when an event is coming. Even if it is a party, wedding or other celebration, people should be informed early that they are invited to a certain event. Nowadays many persons are tempted to invite their guests through a phone call, or by simply sending an email, but they all are aware how surprised are people to receive a card as an invitation. Therefore, if you plan to organize an event in the near future, you should look online for blank cards and envelopes for making the invitations by your own. In this way, your friends will be delighted to accept you invitation, and they can keep the card as a memory of your event. In case you do not know how you should combine the card and envelope in such a way to achieve a beautiful effect, here are some tips on how to mix and match.

Mix and match the colours

Usually people do not pay attention to details, and they choose to send an invitation, which feature the same colour for both the card and the envelope, but you should search for more interesting combinations. So the simplest way to customise the look of your invitations is to play with the colours of the card and envelope. You can go with the combination between a bold colour for the card and a nude tone for the envelope, in case you design the invitations for a party, because they will catch the attention immediately. For a more elegant party, you should choose a textured gold envelope, and a black card. For a wedding, it is more suitable to choose a coloured envelope and a warm tone for the card, because it will look more romantic.

Mix and match the patterns and accessories

In case you want to impress your guests with your invitations, then you should do more than just mix the colours, you should customise both the envelope and card with different accessories. For a wedding, it would be suitable to glue a strip of lace or ribbon on the envelope, or card. In addition, you have the possibility to accessorise the ribbon with self-adhesive pearls or jewels, to create a more stylish look. For example if you make the invitation for a destination wedding, then you should tie an airplane figurine on the ribbon from the envelope. In case you do not like such accessories, you can personalise the cards or envelopes with different shapes, which can be created with stamps. If your event is decorated according to a certain theme, you can customise the invitations using elements of that theme. For example if you organise a party which has as theme autumn, you can use a leaves pattern for the card, and glue on the envelope a small ribbon bow in warm tones of cream, brown, orange, or yellow. You will find all the supplies you need for creating the invitations for your event, in specialised online stores, so take a look.



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