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Sep 6

Mixing & Matching- Find Your Style Today!

When it comes to fashion, one must never be afraid to go for the unconventional, the different and forge their own paths in terms of discovering their own aesthetical pleasures. Lularock supports the harmony of fashion, art and music in bringing in collections from different designer brands. Don’t be afraid to take a look at what Lularock and these designers have to offer- let their artistic nature inspire you to mix and match different combinations that best speak to your soul.

Here are some recommendations for starters:

Break On Through Top

An Alice McCall dress is always great, but what about an Alice McCall top? The Break On Through top is your new best friend if you enjoy wearing sheer tops. This bralet is made with comfort and style as it’s main featured points. With elastic strapping and buckles to secure it in place, the Break on Through top can be worn on it’s own with the combination of high-waisted shorts or jeans. Wearers can also layer it with a sheer top and create a unique effect. Look your best on warm summer seasons today!

Stardust Biker Jacket

Express your wild side with a touch of shine by wearing the Stardust Biker Jacket fashioned from Sretsis. Bold, fun and loud, the stardust biker jacket is a cool stylish piece that can be worn with just about anything. If you are looking for something that can reflect a punk vibe or a cool appeal, this would definitely be the jacket for you. The stardust biker jacket is available in pink foil and features a notched collar paired with gold lightning bolts. It works well with just a t-shirt, jeans and chunky heels for maximum comfort.

Thunder Heart Sunglasses

The Thunder Heart Sunglasses that you can find on Sretsis shop online has all retro lovers going “Oh my god” at the sight of them. If you are looking to express a creative spirit and complete your retro inspired wardrobe, this is the best accessory to pair them with. In fact, the Thunder Heart sunglasses can be matched up with just about every outfit to enhance a sleek vibe. Colourful, playful, gradient lensed mirrored designs, these sunglasses are best when lounging by the beach or pool.

Celestine Top

Quirky, playful and flirty in all the right ways, the Celestine Top by Alice McCall is definitely one of the must buys for wearers looking to express themselves in adorable tongue in cheek ways. Cut in a bold V neckline and completed with digital lipstick prints with spaghetti straps, the Celestine cropped top works wonders when paired with a high-waisted skirt. Graceful, fun and fresh, the Celestine Top works best in Rogue.

Colour of the Cloud Jumpsuit

If you enjoy wearing jumpsuits, then this Alice McCall jumpsuit is exactly the jumpsuit to consider. Playful, whimsical and yet tasteful, the Colour of the Cloud jumpsuit is designed for the dreamer in you. With scalloped trimmings for the top, flared legs and waist-level box pleats, it is designed with the concept of clouds in mind. Perfect when worn on it’s own, or layered with fitted tops, the Colour of the Cloud jumpsuit incorporates girlish charm and whimsical delight.

For more fine and fresh fashion pieces, visit Lularock at their official website here.



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