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Nov 27

Mould and mildew. Health implications for your family

Humid environments are certainly good for mildew and mould to develop. Although it might seem inoffensive, you must know there are severe implications of it on human health. Especially children and elder can develop serious respiratory problems, from allergies to asthma and a variety of respiratory infections. Additionally, if you already suffer from conditions like eczema or a weak immune system, you must know damp and mold will surely worsen them. Without any doubt, all home owners must consider to air-quality test their indoor air. Finding reliable services like this mold testing Toronto based company is crucial. This way, you can be sure the results will be accurate and you will also benefit from a series of solutions provided by professionals. However, below are some health implications of mould.

Mold causes serious respiratory problems amongst infants

At a very young age, our pulmonary system is not as developed and the exposure to toxic types of mould, like black mould will cause a series of respiratory issues. From allergies, to asthma and pulmonary haemorrhage, they all are unpleasant and life threatening for infants. Not only their respiratory system and lungs are not developed enough, but their immune system in weak during the first years of life. Therefore, a simple allergy will grow into a potential mortal anaphylaxis. If you manage to avoid allergies during the first years of your baby’s life, you are doing yourself a big favour. Frequently have a team by to perform an air-quality test on your house. You will thank yourself later.

Mold exposure is also dangerous for adults

From mould exposure symptoms, we can name from the usual watery eyes and runny nose, to asthma and severe allergies that can grow into anaphylaxis. Asthma is a pulmonary chronic issue, manifesting by making breathing harder. The airwaves swallow and certain triggers might cause episodes. Exercising, for example, is one trigger for those episodes. Mildew and mould is a cause of asthma, and a trigger as well. If you already suffer from such a health issue and you expose yourself to such elements, chances are your condition will degenerate.

Fungi developing in certain areas of our houses cause severe allergies

To correctly diagnose an allergy it is best to see an allergist and let them decide. However, if you notice irritated and watery eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, coughing and skin rashes, try drying wet spots around your house and dehumidify every room below the level of 60%. Moreover, try to get rid of mold spots around your house with some little help from a team specialized in matters of this kind.

As you can see, mold has many health implications. From minor ones, to severe, you shouldn’t ignore any of them that might signal mold exposure. Always show great care regarding children and elder in you families, because their immune systems are weaker than the adult’s is. Periodically test the quality of your indoors air, because oftentimes, it can be more polluted than the outside one.


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