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Jul 8

My Cuts – beneficial software both for salon owners and clients

Hair salons have become a real industry, and in order to have an advantage over your competitors, you have to be up to date with all the changes in the field. Technology has revolutionized everything, and nowadays there are even pieces of software owners use to manage their business. One of these applications is MyCuts, a dedicated software program created with the purpose of solving hair salon management issues. David Sanderson, the founder of this application, has come up with this innovative idea after being witness to various complaints from his hair stylist. The main trouble was that there is no performing automated system through which salon owners can actually keep track of their business. After realizing that this is a general problem, the founder decided to create MyCuts App, which proved to be a real success.

The app is the easiest method to control your small business

Although nowadays, everything has become automated, there was yet no suitable application for hair salons. While there are various pieces of software for large salons, the owners of smaller businesses have fewer options, and one of the best ones is represented by MyCuts. It can be installed on a smart phone or a larger device (laptop, tablet or PC) and is suitable even for independent owners. The application represents the results of several months of collaboration between professional developers and hair stylists, combining perfectly multiple features.


Everything will be taken care of by MyCuts

The piece of software includes various functions, through which owners can manage everything: customers, appointments and even material resources. All the operations are automatic, eliminating the risk of errors. Double appointments represent an unpleasant situation both for the hair stylist and for their clients, but using MyCuts, you can be sure that this will no longer happen. In addition to this, the clients are even informed and reminded about their schedules, thus, facilitating communication and customer service. Furthermore, the application will also keep track of your supplies and let you know if you are about to run out of a certain product.


Everybody will get a qualitative salon experience

On the one hand, the application will allow hair stylists to avoid administrative tasks and focus on their job, which is delivering the best services to their clients. On the other hand, since customers receive all the information they need on their email or phone, they will notice the consideration they are shown.



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