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Jul 19

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments for all types of skin

Every woman wants a healthy and shiny skin regardless her age and she definitely has options to help her deal with this aspect. While some of these women resort to surgical interventions in order to achieve their goal, facing surgery can be a frightening experience full of questions, doubts and uncertainties. Besides physical and emotional preparation, at the end of the process it proves to be expensive and painful for certain people. However, even the thought of having to wear the traces of the knife on their face or body prevents them from choosing this option. Because of the natural aging process, wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin will become more visible and pronounced and non-surgical cosmetic treatments seem to be the answer to this problem offering effective results on all types of skin. A non-surgical cosmetic treatment clinic in Birmingham is ready to handle it for you.

Internal and external factors that affect the skin

Long exposure to the sun represents the main external factor and the greatest risk when it comes to skin care because it simply absorbs its beauty. Permanent skin contact with environmental pollutants leads to its sensitization and speeds the aging process while air pollution, cigarette smoke, emissions from cars in urban areas dry and irritate the skin. Climate is also an external factor because dry air, cold, wind, and especially sun act as stressors, dehydrating the skin. Even indoors, air conditioning and heat affect sensitive skin. A well-balanced nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals contributes to skin maintenance and health. The superficial skin care and the use of questionable quality products also have a negative effect and should be avoided at all costs.

Types of skin

Each person has a different skin type. Normal skin is soft, smooth, elastic and contains enough fat and moisture. Sensitive skin has the following symptoms: irritation, redness, desquamation caused by external factors, unsuitable cosmetics or stress. Oily skin shows an excess of sebum containing too many lipid secretions. The formation of blackheads and acne can be reduced with medical products. This type of skin requires increased care. Dry skin is sensitive, hard, stretched with a tendency to redness and peeling, it lacks suppleness and elasticity. It is recommended to use certain cosmetic products that regenerate, hydrate and have a calming effect. If in some places the skin is dry, and in others, normal or oily, the skin type is mixed.

A flawless skin

Proper skin care can keep it healthy, can make it strong and resilient, and preserve its freshness, elasticity and beauty. Taking into account the fact that a wide range of techniques have been developed lately, people whose skin shows signs of aging also have reasons to rejoice. There are different options:

  • chemical peeling, which consists of applying a chemical solution to the skin that causes it to peel and soften; it can be used for areas around the eyes and mouth.
  • Dermabrasion is an exfoliating technique that removes wrinkles and a number of scars
  • laser skin remodeling is a treatment used to reduce facial wrinkles.

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