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How does a father keep a harmonious relationship with his child?

Certainly the closeness between a father and his child is truly unique and is different from the link established between the mother and child. The child needs a father to offer him the feeling of safety, of protection and peace as the mother is satisfying the need for tenderness and love.

Parent – child relationship

Parents have no easy task when it comes to the education they need to give to the little ones. ‘Those seven years from home’ will be felt over the years if the relationship between parents and children doesn’t take place properly. It’s nice to give the children everything they want, but this attitude can be misunderstood. There are several ‘types’ of parents and so it is important to know what to do to become model parents.

The family climate

The family atmosphere that can be positive or negative, is interposed as a filter between educational influences exerted by parents and psycho-behavioral acquisitions made ​​to the personality of children. The road from the educational influence to the behavioral acquisition is not a direct way, but is influenced by the family climate: for example, the same educational influences will have different effects depending on the family climate in which they are exercised.

The optimization of the parent-child relationship

We often face in the parenting ‘job’ with problems related with the managing of the relationship with the child. The parent-child relationship is far from being a linear or unidirectional relationship, but a circular relationship. This means that any gesture, attitude, word or behavior of the parent determines a child’s response, which in turn determines […]

The mother’s relationship with the adolescent

It seems that the relationship between the mother and adolescent child is in a continuous cooling as the child gets older. The adolescents become more autonomous, responsible, more in control of their own forces and have interests that are contrary with the mothers’ concepts.