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Nov 17

Parent – child relationship

Parents have no easy task when it comes to the education they need to give to the little ones. ‘Those seven years from home’ will be felt over the years if the relationship between parents and children doesn’t take place properly. It’s nice to give the children everything they want, but this attitude can be misunderstood. There are several ‘types’ of parents and so it is important to know what to do to become model parents.

Every parent wants for his child all the best. Therefore, in most cases, parents forget about the rules of education and become slaves of their children. In the family is indicated to be a balance regarding the child’s education. No parent should be overly tolerant, indulgent and protective. The role of parents is crucial in education, so it is good for any parent to try, if possible, to analyze the situation and then act in one way or another. Depending on how a child is educated, several ‘types’ of parents were developed each with their strengths and weaknesses in the education they offer.

The indulgent type of parent is characterized by an inappropriate attitude towards the child. The child is allowed to do anything, and restrictions are lacking. In this situation the parent-child relationship is virtually nonexistent, and in cases where there is, this turns into a relationship where the children make decisions, and the adults execute them.

The protective type of parent is apparently enrolled in the model parent category. However, excessive protection can have repercussions on children’s attitude and behavior in society. The child of such parents may have health problems highlighted by disorders through diet and excessive fear. Over the time, the child feels suffocated and wants increasingly to break away. In most cases, the children of such parents get to hide information, to lie and to retire in their quiet corner.

The indifferent type of parent does not belong in any category as model parent, especially since in this case the child is allowed also to do whatever he wants without fear that it might be punished. Another side of this attitude is given by the situation when the child feels left out of the family life, living with the feeling that his opinion is not important and doesn’t deserve to be heard. In the future, such a child can be bullied and chased by a strong sense of inferiority. It is important for parents to create a connection with their children and show that they understand the children needs. For example, if you have a teenage daughter, you can surprise her with a mother-daughter appointment at a nail saloon where you can both get some pretty summer nail designs. A small moment like this can be a great way for mother and daughter to bond. On the other hand, if you have a boy, you should take him to a sports game. Summer nail designs and game tickets might seem silly but these are great ways in which you can connect with the children in order to get them to open up with you.

To conclude, each child must be guided in a direction that would help him in the future, and this direction may be given only by parents. . Regardless of the attitude adopted towards children’s education, parents should be aware of their decisive role in family life.


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