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Jul 16

Parenting styles

Children use to copy since they are very little different gestures and attitudes parents have, in fact they are a real reflection of the grown-ups. If you get your children accustomed to receiving a lot of presents all the time and buy wholesale birthday ribbons for them all year round, then you are very likely to spoil them and not send out the proper message. 

Even if there is no ideal parenting style, we can refer to better educate children in terms of some effective ways and methods that should bring great results in this process. And since in the real world some rules have nothing to do with real and concrete facts, the way parents choose to educate their children depends on so many factors as the major differences families have between them.

According to numerous family relationships articles, the parenting styles are classified as followed: authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting, neglectful parenting and authoritative parenting. In our example with the parents who buy plenty of presents and wholesale birthday ribbons to spoil their little ones just one of the above mentioned parenting types is visible.

The differences between the families are given by the different values, religious concepts and the ideals that create parental principles of life that include as well the manner they want to deal with their children education.

Many people agree that among the four types of parenting techniques the authoritative parenting style is the most effective as it keeps a balance between parents and children. This parenting style combines parental responsiveness and demanding to the specific kid’s age. Parents are encouraged to be supportive and adjust their behavior to their children needs and desires. On the other side, the parents are taught to get involve whenever they see something inappropriate in the behavior of their children and even to confront a child that deliberately makes some mistakes or disobeys his parents.

The authoritarian style is one of the parenting styles involving high expectations and conformity to the parental rules. This style of parenting makes children fear their own parents and obey to all kinds of rules that can any time change if the parents want to dictate a new rule. Children use to follow their parents instructions in everything they do, but in time this can lead to self-confidence problems. Family relationships articles admonish against this parenting style as it can lead to insecure children and toxic family relationships.

The permissive parental style involves low expectations of children behavior. In this case, parents make no demands to their children and offer them love and appreciation even when they deserve to be punished. Children will not understand the responsibility of their actions and they will feel like there’s nothing wrong with them. Kids that grow up in this parental way will remain in a sort of dependence to their families as adults.

The neglectful parenting is a step beyond the permissive parenting. Parents offer their children everything they need but they don’t get emotionally involved in their children life. These parents never ask their kids about their friends or their life. Children can even come home with very unusual short haircuts that parents will surely not even notice. Parents use to have no interest in knowing something new about their children beside the fact that they exist. This type of parenting ca lead to a series of problems, such as a drug addiction, low grades, smoking addiction, dropping out of school, quitting further education and even delinquent behavior. Because of medical neglicence, doctors can diagnose the child with ADHD or other disorders, when in fact the real problem is cause by a disfuntional family structure. Because low grades and inattention are common symptoms of ADHD, there are many cases of misdiagnosis due to medical negligence.


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