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Oct 24

Physiotherapy for the whole family

It took me a while until I found out about the incredible results of physiotherapy and by that time my slightly uncomfortable back pains were already chronic. I have been suffering from back pains for as long as I can remember and it seemed like I would be living in pain for the rest of my life until I discovered a very good physiotherapy clinic Ottawa that helped me regain my life back. From that moment it was physiotherapy for the whole family, I took everyone I knew and cared for there to ensure that I was not the only one that takes advantage of these unobtrusive and efficient treatment methods. I am very happy to have discovered complementary medicine, as it allowed me to regain my health in a natural way. I do not think that all alternative treatments are good for you, but physiotherapy results have been scientifically proven and I saw these results on my own skin the moment I started working with a professional psychotherapist. After three months of treatment, you could not tell what was wrong with me!

There is one thing I learned from this experience, you should not take back pain lightly. I believe that this is the most common ailment in the world and most people, just like me, ignore the pain in the beginning until it becomes too late. Chronic pain usually has no cure; at least modern medicine could not find one unless you count the painkillers, which cannot be considered a cure. It almost became unbearable to stand up at times, because of the sharp pains in the lower region of my back. It was devastating for me to think that I could no longer take care of my family like I used to in the past, because everything depended on whether the pain was bearable for me to get out of the bed or not. Fortunately, I could still work, because I am a freelancer in graphic design, so I do not need to leave the house in order to work. Sometimes, I would even work from my bed.


After trying out many different treatment methods, after getting the opinion of a dozen doctors, it seemed like the only solution left for me was a risky surgery that would not even guarantee me results. It was disappointing to see that no one could find a cure. A couple of doctors did recommend physiotherapy, but they insisted more on prescribing me pills and various other treatments that would only tire me out. A friend of mine recommended me a physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa saying her son recuperated from a sports injury with the help of one of the specialists working at this clinic. When no one else thought he could play basketball again with his ruined elbow, this doctor managed to help him get back on the court. Physiotherapy is perfect for nervous disorders and injuries, but it relies on systematic treatment. This means that you have to stick with the program until the end to get results.


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