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Feb 28

Protecting your child during divorce 


Going through a break up is never an easy thing to do, especially if it involves a divorce and there are children in the middle. When a family finds itself in a situation such as a separation, the children are the ones who end up suffering the most and it is your responsibility, as a parent, to find out a way of helping them cope with this change. Very often, divorce is considered the cause for various problems in children and teenagers, such as low self-esteem, poor academic performance, aggression, misconduct and even depression. Fortunately, all these can all be avoided if you and your soon to be ex-spouse approach the situation correctly. It is true that divorce can be hard on kids, but the impact depends on how well parents manage to isolate the child from the separation. Psychologists and relationship experts claim that no matter how messy a divorce is, there are certain things you, as a parent, ca do to prevent devastating effects:

Do not neglect yourself

This may sound selfish, but the first thing you should do when going through a split up is to stress on your personal wellbeing. Separation will clearly affect the family’s lifestyle, but it does not have to affect the way you see and treat yourself. Take care of your appearance, boost your emotional strength, and ask for specialized help or advice, if necessary. This will clearly benefit the child to, because seeing their parent stable and well ensures them that the situation is not a tragedy and it can be kept under control. They will grow up knowing that a divorce is not something pleasant, but it is not a catastrophe either.

Invest in your children’s care

Making arrangements for your personal wellbeing does not mean you are allowed to neglect others, especially your children. Encourage them to talk to you and open up about their emotions, because this helps them stay emotionally stable. Support their education, hire a tutor if necessary, but make sure they do not neglect their school. Last but not least, be patient and understanding: the whole situation is clearly affecting them, so it is normal for them not to behave or perform as they normally would.

Hire an experienced lawyer

Having a good attorney by your side will definitely help you close the divorce law suit fast and in an efficient manner. If you have not signed a pre-nuptial agreement, then the division of assets can be a real hassle and you need to collaborate with an expert such as those from Acherman Law. Having all the legal issues solved rapidly ensures an amicable split that will not leave any negative marks on your children’s development.          

Lead a balanced life

As mentioned above, a divorce is a great change for each member of the family. You may have to move out, change schools or jobs and adjust your finances. There are certain needs to be covered, especially from a financial point of view and you have to make sure that during these times, your children will not miss anything. Of course, they should understand that things are not the same and you should also understand that their wounds cannot be healed with money. That is why you will have to stress on a balanced lifestyle.


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