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Jul 4

Reasons to plan a family vacation in advance

Are you a fan of traveling all over the world? Do you like to visit as many places as possible and take the little ones along for the ride? Regardless if you are the parent of one child or ten, there is always a sensation of frantic madness related to travelling with kids. And this comes from a parent’s point of view! The truth of the matter is that there is nothing quiet or relaxing about leaving home to go on a family trip, but it is these hectic and seemingly tiring moments which you will remember through the years when they all grow up and you will miss the excitement of going away with the kids. However, there are some major disadvantages of travelling with a lot of little ones alongside you and one of the most important ones is the fact that you won’t have time to think all the aspects thoroughly. If you don’t plan the trip in advance and have every moment set to the smallest details, you will end up like me going online on websites such as in the middle of the trip. What can happen, you might wonder. Stick with me and you will find out exactly why I recommend everyone who organizes a trip with the family to take the time and plan everything in advance.

It all started last year, when I decided to take the little ones out of the smoggy London atmosphere into a serene place of undisturbed beauty which a colleague of mine had told me about. The destination was the New Forest National Park and the occupants of the car were me, my lovely wife and two little angels in disguise that we both love terribly. Without further ado, we didn’t even have the chance to get going on the trip because the troubles started even before we left the house. I have to admit that we had decided to leave just one day before and it was supposed to be an adventure. Well, it was not! I strongly advise other parents to plan their holidays with at least a week in advance because of the large likelihood of problems and issues to appear if they are rushing.


What happened to me is hilarious right now, but it was nothing close to amusing at the moment. I got down at a local gas station to fill in the tank and the kids jumped out of the car immediately. My wife followed in an instance to take care of them, which I admired. However, nobody though to take the keys out of the car! And so, there we were all ready to start a two day trip through forests and beautiful scenery, but with no luggage or transportation means to get there. I can’t stress enough how upset I was. I had to call in a company for car key replacement and delay the trip until the next day. Had we not been in such a rush, none of this would have happened so for me it was a lesson well learned!



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