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May 2

Reduce Alcohol Consumption The Easy Way


Each year sees millions of people up and down the UK reaching the logical conclusion they will need to reduce their alcohol consumption as a New Year resolution. And not quite surprisingly, statistics show that time and time again nearly 50% of these people throw their resolutions out of the window by the end of January.

The truth is most Brits don’t really have drinking issues that might necessitate a stay at one of the local alcohol rehab clinics. Nevertheless, it is almost universally agreed that a huge portion of UK adults could considerably benefit from cutting down on drinking even a little – a feat the majority believes is much easier said than done.

But is this true? If you were to really focus on the problem, how difficult is it really to cut down on drinking and enjoy life more starting right now?

As far as many experts are concerned, it shouldn’t be a significantly difficult task at all. It is basically a case of realising how to approach it and keeping in mind several helpful tips. And so, here is a short list of a few highly useful tips from the experts on how to cut down on drinking:

  1. First and foremost, the majority of experts agree that one of the simplest ways of hugely reducing alcohol consumption is to break the habit of drinking alcohol in rounds. The simple fact is that while many people would think to turn down seemingly free drinks is silly, it’s crucial to realise that when you are drinking alcohol in rounds, you are consuming alcohol at a pace which is determined by other people. That basically means that it’s quite likely that you would drink more than what is your normal pace. Quit the rounds system and you and only you will dictate how fast or otherwise you consume your drinks.
  2. A lot can be said about engaging in some healthy competitiveness when going about the endeavour. Pride is usually a fantastic motivator, which is why it’s advisable to ask another person to cut down on alcohol consumption along with you. A nice idea is to even put some money on the line as an extra incentive, which will make sure you both try to follow your resolution for as long as possible.
  3. It is a pretty common myth that drinking alcohol in an empty stomach will affect how drunk or otherwise you get. The fact is, it affects how fast one is getting drunk as the alcohol gets absorbed more quickly. Studies have also demonstrated that drinking alcohol on an empty stomach has an effect on the parts of the brain which are responsible for decision-making and impulse control. Put simply, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach makes it more likely you will consume more alcohol than you intended to and more quickly.
  4. Another highly effective way of cutting down on alcohol without really trying is to simply keep it out of your home. The reason being that if for instance your fridge is usually loaded with cold beer, you’re much more likely to find it hard to resist a few after a long day in the office. The same can be also said for the wine you have in the kitchen and any other drinks.
  5. Another helpful habit to adopt is simply that of interspersing drinking non-alcoholic drinks with alcoholic ones. This will reduce the overall alcoholic amount you consume and will make sure you are not left constantly thirsty as when you drink alcohol only. Take the edge off in the beginning and you won’t be much compelled to drink at a quick pace.
  6. Last up, one sure-fire way to encourage yourself to cut down on alcohol is to try to find the right incentive to do it. What this basically means is to for example take a penny for every drink you skip and put it on one side and then go on and treat yourself to something. You might be quite surprised how quickly these pennies and pounds stack up.

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