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Jul 28

Rosette ribbons at a wedding – where can you use them

When planning your wedding, you have to pay attention to every aspect, because it is those small details that make the difference and make your wedding stand out from the crowd. The décor is one of the most important parts in making everything look perfect on one of the most special days in a couple’s life and a very good idea is to use many ribbons, not only because they are quite affordable, but also because rosette ribbon for instance, can bring that unique touch to the wedding. Here are some interesting and fun ways in which you can use rosettes on your Big Day.

Used as boutonnieres

One very good idea in which you can use rosette ribbons is as boutonnieres. You have to admit that this is a fun way to make your guests smile since everyone will appreciate it. You can label the rosette ribbons with the role of each participant at the ceremony, such as “groom”, “best man” “mother of the bride” and so on and you can even opt for different colours on for each rosette. The variety of rosette ribbons on the market is quite wide, since they differ in colour, pattern, material and design, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Used to number the tables

Another useful method you could use these ribbons is to number the tables at the location where the event is held. The same way you did with the boutonnieres, you can label the rosettes with the specific number of the table in order to make it easier for you to know exactly at what table your guests are supposed to sit.

Used to decorate the bridal bouquet

If you want a unique and magnificent bridal bouquet, you can choose to decorate it with some rose-shape rosette ribbons. Pick up the colour you like the most or the one that best fits with the flowers in your bouquet and decorate it with some amazing rosettes everyone will admire.

Used as accessories

Your maids of honour have an important role at the wedding and if you want them to stand out, besides the amazing dresses, you can offer them some accessories you have created yourself. Enrol in a DIY project and create some beautiful headbands designing them with some rosette ribbons.

These are some great ideas in which you can use rosette ribbons on your wedding day, but make sure you select only high quality products.


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