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Sep 27

Sensory integration tools for children with special needs

A child who has been diagnosed with autism requires an increased level of care, and has special needs that parents should always look after. Learning to cope with this kind of situation can be sometimes overwhelming for you as a parent, and you are probably constantly looking for methods to make both your lives as normal as possible. Nowadays, those who are finding themselves in this situation have the great opportunity to resort to various sensory integrations tools, one example being a therapy swing autism, which can offer great results, and can calm even the most energetic behavior. Here are some things you should know on the topic:

Therapy Swings

If you have never heard about therapy swings before, then you will be happy to learn about these amazing products. As the parent of an autistic child, you probably know that integration can be difficult for them, and thus unexpected behavioral changes are a frequently met problem. The role of a therapy swing is to help with sensory integration. Due to the vestibular movement of such a swing, the child is assisted in processing sensory input more efficiently. Swinging, for an autistic child, is more than a play, it will help him process stimuli.

Weighted blankets

Being created under the same principle, weighted blankets are another product that have shown incredible effects on children with special needs. This item can be used to reduce anxiety (which can be a serious problem in this situation), and allows children with autism to enjoy a deeper and more peaceful sleep. Having a weighted blanket will certainly simplify your life, and you will be happy to see your child resting peacefully, and at the same time avoiding anxiety attacks.

How are these products different from conventional ones

Once you discover these types of items, it is imperative to research their usage on a deeper level, in order to understand their role and what sets them apart from similar, traditional products. Take for example the therapy swing. As mentioned above, this kind of item provides a snug pressure which has the role of comforting and calming the child, in contrast with traditional ones, which are designed with conventional materials. Yes, a normal swing can sometimes be beneficial in the sensory integration process, but its role is not equally efficient, and may sometimes not  even work. Having a therapy swing, or a weighted blanket in you home can really increase your child’s quality of life, and only after trying the product you will be able to comprehend the difference between them and conventional ones.

Being the parent of a child with autism involves increased responsibilities, and your main desire probably is to provide your child with the right care and attention. Nowadays, the market offers manly products that are designed to help the behavior of children with special needs, and they are also easily accessible. All you need to do is search online for a therapy swing or a weighted blanket, and choose a supplier that seems reputable and offers the variety you are interested in.


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