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Feb 15

Signs that your children need extra help – online tuition

School can be challenging for any child, but some of them find learning lessons extremely difficult. If you think that you kids need extra help, and you cannot offer them, then you should consider online tuition for 11 plus. However, as a parent you might not be able to discern easily if your kids need an additional instructor, or they only need a little extra push. In this case, it is important to check the main signs that a child has difficulties in learning the school lessons.

They forgot about assignments

In some cases, parents find difficult to encourage children finish their homework, because the little ones are not able to understand the content, so they cannot solve the homework. They are really struggling with completing tasks, but they do not have the needed knowledge and this is why you will find some of them incomplete. If you notice that your children consistently miss assignments, then you should think of helping them get online tuition.

They lack self-confidence

Performance in school and grades are major factors in determining how kids feel about themselves. Have you noticed that you little ones feels anxious about going to classes or about their abilities? Then you should not think twice before getting some help for them. Even if the tutor gets in touch with your children online, they will be able to help them regain self-confidence because they are specially trained to help kids in this situation.

They have low grades

One sign that your children might need help with lessons is if they have low grades, and this was not the case until now. Sometimes even if your child studies the adequate amount of content, and completes all the tasks they are given, they still do not get good marks. Tutors can understand why the reason of this is, and they can help them perform better to their exams. With a few sessions of online tuition, your children will be able to pull their grades back.

You are not able to help kids with schoolwork

In the majority of cases parents are the ones who offer their children help, when it comes to schoolwork. But if you do not have the required time, or you do not have knowledge in the subject they have difficulties to understand, then you should help them get online tuition. Tutors can offer them guidance, and can be role models for the little ones, and in the same time, they can offer them the academic help you cannot provide.


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