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Apr 21

Signs that your drain needs replacement


Plumbing issues are common in every household and everyone faces challenges such as blocked drains from time to time. As unpleasant as it might be, it’s something quite common and generally doesn’t lead to complications if approached with the right tools. After all, you can clear block drains in London in a matter of hours by calling a professional and then you will be able to get back to your daily activities in no time. However, nothing lasts forever and at one point the repairs will need to be more extensive – more specifically, you’ll have to invest in drain replacement. It’s not the cheapest job, but it is worth it, so look out for these signs to make sure you replace the system before a major plumbing accident occurs.

The building is more than 60 years old

Plumbing works have a long lifespan, but if your building is more than 60 years old and you’ve never replaced your drains until now, then you might want to call a professional to inspect the entire system. After so many years, not only could drains be damaged by daily wear and tear, but they could also contain traces of substances that were widely used at that time but have since become illegal. Lead is a major threat in homes, and unfortunately many old drainage systems still have it.

The water is brown or yellow

If your tap water is anything but clear, it might indicate serious pipe damage and the entire system could need replacement. If the water is brown or yellow, it means that rust has accumulated inside the pipes. You might not notice a colour change if you use the water all the time, so the best time to check is after you’ve been away for a couple of days. Let the water fill the tub and if the colour is brown or yellow, it’s best for your health if you call a plumber.

Slow drainage

Occasional slow drainage is a common occurrence and it shouldn’t worry you. However, if you have this problem all the time and no repairs seem to provide lasting results, then an extensive replacement job is the solution to stop all your problems.

Most homeowners wait for these issues to appear before they replace their drains, but, if you’re renovating, you should include them regardless. It will spare you the trouble and the mess later on and you will reduce the risk of clogs and other plumbing problems.


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