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Jul 1

Simple mistakes people usually make when cleaning their carpets

It is generally agreed that no matter how much one would clean a room, it cannot be considered spotless until the carpet is also properly cleaned. A clean carpet brings not only brightness to the room, but it also makes you feel satisfied for having a fresh and healthy house. In case you do not have enough time for this, due to working more than eight hours a day, you can resort to the services of a professional carpet cleaning company and one good example is However, it is worth mentioning that some people are prone to making some serious mistakes when it comes to cleaning carpets, so here is a list of some of them.

Not cleaning the spill immediately

This is probably the most common mistake related to cleaning carpets. Whenever something is spilled on the rug, most people do not remove the spill immediately, but they let it dry instead, thinking that it will be easier to remove it after a while. According to carpet experts, this theory is completely wrong, since they claim that if the stain is removed immediately, the carpet will not be damaged in any way. What is more, they add that it is much easier to clean the carpet the very next moment a glass of wine or some juice was spilled over, compared to doing the same action long after the rug has dried.

Not cleaning spills properly

Another mistake most people make is cleaning spills improperly. Contrary to what most people believe, using steam machine or a wet vacuum cleaner to remove stains is actually a very bad idea. The reason is quite simple – the heat will not remove the stain, but make it permanently remain in the carpet fibre instead and you will not be able to remove it easily afterwards. On the other hand, there are those people that rub the stain quite vigorously using a brush, a cloth or any other item. This is also a bad idea, because rubbing the carpet too harsh can damage it. There are other methods to remove stains from the carpet and one of them is to cover the spill with a paper towel or a cloth. Then, use some water and vinegar mixture and pour it over the cloth or paper towel. Lightly brush the cloth in order to remove the stain.

Not hiring professionals   

Even though you believe you can clean the carpet yourself, you might cause it even more damage. It is recommended to look for the services of a professional carpet cleaning company because they have high quality chemicals that are suitable for any type of carpet and will know exactly what products and methods to use in order to clean the rugs properly. What is more, the dust and debris that have installed deep down into your carpet cannot be removed with regular vacuum cleaners, but with ones that are more powerful. Do some research online and look for the best company in this domain in order to benefit from the best results.


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