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Oct 5

Small guide of finding student housing in France

France seems to be in the top choices of students who intend to study abroad. There are unequalled employing possibilities for the ones who have graduated a French school, and the number of candidates seem to grow every year. But, the joy of being accepted to a university does not take for long, because it is quite hard to find a place where to live, and suit their budget. The rents in France are higher than in other countries, and if the students do not afford to pay one, they need to apply for student housing assistance. In case you have decided to study here, you have to consider your budget and see if you afford to pay a rent by your own, or you need assistance. You have to keep in mind, that even if you opt to study in a state based university, you have to pay a certain fee. And in case you prefer a private school, the fee would be higher than the one from a state school, and you would need all the help you can to obtain assistance in finding housing.

Where do I find help in receiving assistance for student housing?

There is an especially designed institution in France, which offers help to students, who come from abroad and have difficulties in paying their housing. Therefore, you have to find the telephone caf 93, because they would provide you the help you need. They would help you organize the steps you have to follow in the application procedure, because you would have to contact the family allowance in the area where you intend to stay. You also have the possibility to access their website in case you consider that you do not have the time to speak at the phone with a specialist. On the website, you would have access to all the information you need for finding what the procedure involves and they would provide you expert assistance if you have to deal with caf 93.

Conditions you have to meet when you apply for student housing assistance

When you intend to ask for help in applying for assistance you have to be sure that you meet certain requirements, because if you do not, there is no reason to ask for help. The first condition is that you have to owe the lodgings and to offer them information about the amount of rent and the address of the housing. It is essential for the institution to have these details, because every case has its particular characteristics. The second condition is that you have to be part of the student health insurance plan. The third condition is that you have a bank account in the country, because in case you would receive assistance you would receive the money directly in your account. In case you decide to stay in an apartment with a group of students, and they are coming from abroad, they can also apply for assistance, but you have to be sure that all your names are written in the lease contract.


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