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Jun 27

Stand out from the crowd with these DIY hair accessories

Accessories are those items supposed to complete your outfit and help you have a unique look. Whether it is about bracelets, necklaces, earrings or headbands, matching the right accessory with the right clothes can actually make you stand out from the crowd. People usually opt for buying them from stores, be it a local or an online one. This is also the reason why so many stores have made their way through the market and is only one good example. However, if you want to make sure they are unique, you can engage in a DIY project and create your own hair accessories. Here are some lovely examples.

Three part lace headband

Headbands are quite a popular accessory among women and they can be worn on different occasions. For this type of headband, you will need a pair of scissors, three different types of lace of nearly one yard (91 cm) each, thread and needle. First, measure your head by placing one of the laces from ear to ear and cut the other two this length. This is going to be the visible part of the headband. Second, stitch the three pieces of lace together and add an extra piece to each side. This is going to be the part that ties right under your hair. Depending on the types of laces you use, you can wear the headband on different events. If you opt for some white laces for instance, you can use the headband as a trendy and lovely accessory for the wedding day! You can opt for fabric too if you want, in which case you can wear this accessory when going out with your friends.

Word bobby pins

Another cool idea is to create some amazing word bobby pins. For this, you will need some metal letter beads, hair grips, glue and spray paint. Take the letters you want and glue them to the bobby pin. Make sure you add enough glue, because the letters need to be firmly stitched to the hair grip. Choose your favourite spray paint colour and cover the pins with it in order to give them an amazing aspect. It is a great accessory that anyone will admire.

Leather hair tie

You probably got tired of all those classical elastic hair ties that have nothing to make you stand out. Well, you can solve this problem by creating an incredible leather hair tie. You just need a piece of leather (or you can replace it with any other fabric you want), hair ties, a ruler, scissors and some twist ties. Measure and cut a strip of your fabric of nearly 15 inches (38 cm) in length and half inch (1.3 cm) in width. Use the twist tie to tie the leather and the hair bands together, but make sure both ends of the leather are even. Now you have a great hair accessory for your pony tail.

These are only a few great ideas you can take into account when it comes to hair accessories.


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