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Jun 13

Steps to take after losing your job in France

Being unemployed is most certainly an unpleasant prospect, regardless of situation, and if you are a foreigner, things might only seem worst. However, in France, there are some advantages you have access to, which will help you go through your period of unemployment without dealing with financial struggles. To manage acquiring these perks, you will have to follow a few important steps and know some essential details. If the topic has caught your attention, keep reading to find out more:

Find out what you need to apply for an allowance

Struggling with daily expenses and covering rent is the first concern of someone who has lost their job. However, you should know that in France, you will be offered an allowance if you are found eligible by Pole Emlpoi. First, you should find out which are the requirements that need to be met, and then file your application. Because this is you first time dealing with an unemployment situation in a foreign country, it is recommended to appeler pole emploi seine saint denis, and request more details on the topic. The specialists working there will tell you exactly what needs to be done in order to get a hold of an allowance.

Make sure you have your carte vitale

One thing that is essential for you to actually benefit from financial support for unemployed citizen and other social security benefits is to have your Carte Vitale. This card needs to be obtained quickly after your France relocation. Without it, being considered viable for allocations and social security help will not be possible. So if you have been working without this card since you have moved to France, your situation might be more complicated and you should talk to an expert who can advise you.

Discover new opportunities

France is the place where you can easily change the course of your career, after losing you job, or even start your own business. If you are unable to find a job that suits your needs, there are many other solutions you can opt for. Obtaining a new qualification is one option you can go for, if your current field of study does not bring you the opportunities you desire. Also, there are many people who have managed to become entrepreneurs in France, and you can be one of them. If you research the topic for a bit, and obtain the financing you need, starting your own business is not as complicated as you might think. This can put you back on your feet, and turn an unpleasant situation in a life changing opportunity.

These are the first and most important steps to take, after you have become UN unemployed citizen of France. Because this country’s social security system is designed in a way that supports people going through a though financial situation, you will not face any major concerns in terms of money until you manage to find yourself a new job. Make sure to think about each of the aspects mentioned above, and to ask for the help of unemployment experts if you have any difficulties with your files.


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